Monday, June 02, 2008


Oh my gosh, it has started. I am shopping again;) Yep, call the press, it has been a long time since I truly have WANTED to shop but since I received the GRAND news, pun intended, about my grandson I am going CRAZY!
Okay, first of all the little fella will enter our world on Sept. 25th so I have LOTS of time to do LOTS of damage;) Now, for those of you who do not know DH and I have a sailboat and we LOVE pirate movies, especially the oldies with Errol Flynn;)
I sometimes tease DH and call him a pirate and of course I am his first mate, even if we are dock sailing, which we often do since I do not like the BIG water, meaning the Pacific Ocean;) I digress, but wanted to preface this latest acquisition. Look at this adorable outfit!!!! Oh, I think I am in Grandmom heaven;) My grandson's middle name has been chosen, compliments of yours truly and it will be Quinn. Mom and Dad are still working on his first name...I keep hearing Beckham, Adain, does not matter to me AS I SHALL ADDRESS HIM AS QUINN. It is such a staunch sailor's name and what does a sailor need but an adorable outfit like THIS...WOOT.....AND, it is from Baby Gap, Quinn's moms fave store!!! I shall score major points on this one, haha. It feels so good to feel happy again. Yes, there is still sadness around me but I cannot control that, it is all in God's hands. So, I like to think that God sent this little fella to us at this time to try to give us all some joy.....and JOY it has been. I can't imagine how I shall behave when he is born, most likely I will be one of those babbling grandmothers;) Okay, I won't dare show you all the other goodies I have purchased, it is terrible but SO MUCH FUN;)
Hug Life, Marylou ^-^