Saturday, September 27, 2008

A New Life;)

We welcome this little fella to our family;) With our recent loss he is a blessing and we see much of his departed grandfather in him;)
Weighing 7lbs 15oz and measuring 20 inches long he arrived on Thursday, Sept. 25th. Mom and son are doing well and this Nona (Italian for Grandma) is overjoyed! Yes, there is that fine line of loss but as the circle of life continues we must rejoice in the "good" God gives us and understand that those who have left us are in a "better place"......Grandpa Frank, he has your smile;)
Hug Life, Marylou

Monday, September 22, 2008

An Unbearable Sorrow;(

I met him at his workplace, a restaurant named Francesco's...It was
December, 1971. We chatted awhile and he asked for my phone number. I gave it to
him and thought nothing more about it. The next day at my place of work a
delivery man came into the office with a beautiful bouquet of roses. All the
girls ran to the counter, all hoping the flowers were for them. I didn't
bother as I was certain they were not for me. My boss said Mary, these are
addressed to you. I stuttered and said, "really?".....I placed them on
my desk and opened the card which simply read "From
Frank"..........and the story began!

We dated for a little over a year, wonderful dates, some which included having
dinner at The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and visits to Las Vegas to see a
shows by well known entertainers. One of my favorites was a trip to Disneyland
which showed how he could behave like a child but was definitely a man;) We were
married on Feb. 10, 1973 choosing a Catholic Parish. After the ceremony we
followed up with a sit down dinner and reception at the restaurant, yes, you
guessed correctly, Francesco's..;) We danced to our favorite Italian band
till all hours and left for our honeymoon the next day. We arrived in London and
visited Germany, and then spent the majority of our 2 week time in Italy. We met
up with family and attended parties and banquets in our honor. It was wonderful,
being a new bride was like walking on clouds and this man I had married was
funny, caring and full of passion for a love of LIFE!

We settled in our first apartment as husband and wife, he working at the
restaurant and I at my secretarial job. A few years later our daughter was born,
Francesca Geraldine arrived on March 23, 1975. He was so excited to see this
tiny little girl that had her father's smile;) He showered her with love and
spoiled her with toys or was that what I did, no, I recall we BOTH did. Time
passed and 5 years later our son, Anthony Dewey, was born, Dec. 11, 1979 and
when he learned he had a son he wept..... we were so happy and feeling blessed
that God chose to give us one of each, a boy and a girl and life was good. He
worked and I stayed home and took care of our home and children. Holidays held
the most wonderful memories, a time when grandparents were abundant as were
sisters and cousins. A time for growing and learning and how quickly the time
went by. Both children did well in school and followed thru to college. They now
are married, settled and expecting children of their own;)

Darker Days........he was diagnosed a few years ago with a difficult illness
but continued to keep a positive outlook on life. The doctors were amazed at his
ability to fight the demons inside that were trying to harm him. He retired,
traveled, fished, bought those infamous toys that grown men buy;) Life was good
and he talked to the children at least once a day by phone. He always kept the
communication open! Being retired he had more time to give to his children who
he loved with all his heart.... He was looking forward to the births of his
first grandchildren, and took a harsh turn. He was diagnosed
with a terminal illness and there were no cures, antidotes....only hope and that
is what he kept in his heart!

After many doctor visits, tests and a breakdown of his body and soul he spent
days with his daughter and then days with his son. His wishes were to pass from
this world at home, with his family.......and, on Friday, Sept. 19, 2008 he,
surrounded by his family took his last breath. He reached for my hand in those
last moments and I held on tight, as if by holding tightly he would not slip
away but that is not how the story ends. He left our world and he is now in the
loving arms of our God.

He will be remembered as caring, loving, accommodating, helpful, kind, generous
and funny. His legacy shall continue thru his children and their children and
the circle of life will flourish. He made his mark in many ways, he was a
successful restaurateur, a loving father, husband and friend.
He was Frank Joseph Bargiacchi, a man of his word and a man whose honor is to
be admired and hopefully taught to his grandchildren, and their children and on
and on.................

I shall miss this man, Frank, more than I ever imagined I could miss anyone. He
was the one I loved and will continue to love till the end of my time. I know he
is in a better place, I know he is surrounded by God's generous and
unconditional love and I know he is at peace.............

Frank J Bargiacchi
Feb. 24, 1948 Sept. 19, 2008