Friday, November 30, 2007


Yes it was only yesterday:-) Well, not quite:( This picture was taken in 1993 and my daughter was home for Christmas from college. Helping her decorate the tree was her brother who was 14 years old. She is now 32 and he is 28...where have the years gone?? I tell ya, life happened and someone forgot to tell me. How can I have two grown children, I am a young, youthful gal:-) Well, gal is correct ^-^ I was looking thru some boxes of pics and wanted to share with ya. I passed by the ones of the kids when they were 4, 5 and 6..too painful!! This one was difficult enough!! Nah..I am not complaining. I am so "blessed" to be their mom and have the wonderful family & life I have:) I just wanna know how long I was in the coma????????????????
HUG LIFE, Marylou

Sunday, November 25, 2007

~Wasn't It Just Easter??????????~

Okay, correct me if I am wrong but wasn't it just Easter??? I know Thanksgiving came early this year, we are still in the month of November with a whole week left and yesterday I saw cars toting their freshly purchased Christmas trees home!!! How are they gonna keep those puppies green till Christmas? Even in water my trees when bought during the first week of December dry, droop and drizzle by Christmas Eve and I like to keep her up till after New Years so by then I have that "Charlie Brown" tree syndrome:-( I digress, back to the issue at hand. I could have sworn I was just basting the Easter Ham and this past Thursday I had a Turkey in the oven. YIKES....time is going by and everyone forgot to tell me!!! I know, I am simply getting older...bawaaaaahhhaaaaaa....I don't mind aging, BUT God, please don't let me forget it:-) Well, I have made a list for DH today. Gotta get the Christmas lights up outside, pull my boxed Christmas decorations out of the black hole (the black hole is my name for our garage, once something is placed in there it is never to be found again) I imagine I should prepare the fireplace mantle for my clever new Christmas decor, uhuh, the same one I have used for the past 7 years or so:) Now, I am NOT complaining...I love Christmas. I just want to make sure it doesn't happen without ME!! Happy Holidays ya all!
Hug Life, Marylou
ps. I think I had better check my Zen manual for all this, there must be some chant or meditation I can incorporate for ENJOYING EACH DAY AS IT COMES ^-^

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Not just this Thanksgiving day but every day I am thankful for the many gifts that surround me. The appreciation I hold for the beauty of our crisp blue skies, twinkling stars, cresting seas, curvaceous mountains AND the cherished love of our family and friends overwhelms me. These are my most precious and sacred gifts which I hold dear to my heart each and every new day God grants me. To all of you amazing, brave & generous gals in blogland I wish for you the most wonderful Thanksgiving Day:) Enjoy the turkey & gravy & pumpkin pie, BUT, RELISH with PASSION the loved ones you sit and share your meal with:)AND..........don't ever forget to:
Hug Life, Marylou

Giving Thanks

For the hay and the corn and the wheat that is reaped,
For the labor well done, and the barns that are heaped,
For the sun and the dew and the sweet honeycomb,
For the rose and the song and the harvest brought home --
Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving!

For the trade and the skill and the wealth in our land,
For the cunning and strength of the workingman's hand,
For the good that our artists and poets have taught,
For the friendship that hope and affection have brought --
Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving!

For the homes that with purest affection are blest,
For the season of plenty and well-deserved rest,
For our country extending from sea unto sea;
The land that is known as the "Land of the Free" --
Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving!

~Author Unknown


Sunday, November 18, 2007


Wavy Gravy once asked a Zen Roshi, "What happens after death?"
The Roshi replied, "I don't know."
Wavy protested, "But you're a Zen Master!"
"Yes," the Roshi admitted, "but I'm not a dead Zen Master."
Well, since most of what I have learned so far is 10 fold over and beyond my comprehension I resort to humor:-) Yes, my name is Marylou and I am addicted to humor!!

I have been learning about "sitting" (zazen) which is the meditative portion of ZEN, the most important. It involves the position of ones spine, breathing properly and being a contortionist:) JK.....Once you are in a "sitting" position on a cushion, legs crossed with your feet resting on your thighs, hands together with thumbs touching leveled at your navel, eyes open but sorta closed, it's not as simplistic as is sounds, you may begin:) If one cannot clear one's mind and center himself then ZEN is not really gonna work for ya....the analogy used in my book refers to "jumping monkeys"...YEP...apparently we all have "jumping monkeys" in our minds and we need to rid ourselves of them to find clarity. Anyone gotta bunch of bananas????? I am condensing here immensely and taking liberal license, but since it is MY blog I don't have any issues with that. I am having difficulties with clearing my snide remarks please, have gotten those from my loved ones and let me simply say this, they only said it one time!!!!! I am still on my path, trying to find my way ZEN style. I may have to make a few adjustments here and there and decide what works best for me. To be a complete ZEN student one must be very disciplined and this is an attribute lacking in my "being" so I have taken a few shortcuts here and there. I think as long as I stay on the path, Dharma, I may certainly choose which fork in the road to follow:) Now, go out there and free yourself of those darn monkeys, find clarity, be at peace with the world and don't forget to............HUG LIFE!!! Marylou

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Last night I had the pleasure of chatting with our dear friend Carole. So ladies here is the scoop:) She is doing well, her attitude is "fantabulous" and she is one strong woman!! She is having frequent physical therapy visits but considering what she has been thru this gal is moving forward. The computer is still difficult for her but she will return to blogging as soon as she can. She sends her love to all and thanks everyone for the kind messages and good wishes:)

We could have spoken for hours, two kindred pals with many seasons in common. She is the yin of my yang:-) Her engaging spirit and affable manner touches my heart.... The beauty of her words and gentle kindness left me in awe of this lady I call my comrade, buddy & pal.

I am so happy and I feel so blessed to be considered her friend so I leave you with this message:

Hug Life, Marylou:)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have been doing alot of nothing lately:) Don't ya just love when that happens?? Yesterday was nada, today was zip and tomorrow is I don't know:-) Well, the truth be told I have been up to, please don't anyone get their panties in a knot on this one because I am a Christian gal. With much research I have learned one can be of faith and also delve in Zen! Yep...I have been listening to Gregorian Chants and reading about Zen. Trying to uncomplicate my life and make this process as basic as I can for myself and my family. I told DH he can come along for the ride or bear my has chosen wisely:-) I am only in the beginning stages of learning so I shall keep you all posted and current with my progress. Wish me luck with my journey into the realm of calmness, tranquility and placidity.
Peace and Hug Life, Zen style:) Marylou