Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Words in flowers........

I went out front today and took this picture of my violas;) Many of my annuals are so confused by the unusual weather that they are not blooming as well as in the past;( My DH decided they needed a boost so he chose to fertilize and give them B 12 at the same time........let me tell ya, this is NOT something you ever want to do. There CAN be TOO much of a good thing. Many of my plants are now in "flower heaven"........ahhhh, but do you think he listened to me when I advised him NOT to do this? Do you think he adhered to my sweet advice? Do ya think the man has EARS???
Argggggggggg, I tell ya, good thing I think he is cute and when he smiles he has these 2 dimples or I would be writing this blog from the state penitentiary for "Accidental Homicide" caused by a garden hoe;)
Happy Sunday
Embrace Flowers, Marylou ^-^

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oh My Gosh;-)

Here we go again;-) Thru our recent sadness comes great joy...my son Tony and his lovely wife Genevieve have made a blessed announcement. They are having a baby;-) WOW...I am so happy and excited for them. Their child will have a cousin (who was just born on Sept. 25th) to share childhood memories with. My daughter-in-law is due in April so there will only be a few months difference in age. God needed one of our family members, it was his time to go, his purpose was above what can be accomplished here on earth and I am certain he is helping out in heaven with his many talents;) Now, God being so good chose to send 2 new lives to our family to help ease the pain of loss. I am so grateful for the goodness our family has received at a time that caused us such grief. Thank you God, these new lives will enrich our family and we will be sure to hopefully raise them to be faithful to your will.
Embrace Life