Monday, January 28, 2008


Hiya ladies in blogland:-) I have been lolling and fritting my time away, spending too much energy on non issues and before I knew it I missed the chance to celebrate my wonderful friends most special day:( I have no excuses other than my usual backup, my A.D.D. but I respect and adore this gal too much to even try that with her. I have been frolicking on You Tube way toooooo much!!! So, to my dear friend Ellen, a belated 39th Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true!!!
ps..AND what a PRETTY friend she is:-)WOOT!!
Hug Life, Marylou

Sunday, January 06, 2008


This picture is my driveway, where the cone is placed, on Friday which had about 2 feet of water at that point, more came. The fire trucks and city services arrived just in time to pump the water out and we were lucky, no damage to our home. We all have our own pumps due to our property arrangements, our homes being lower than the street level. Across the street from us is a city maintained drain that never works when we have a big storm. Friday's storm was the biggest in our local history, almost 8" of rainfall. I called DH from work and he came home. My son came to help out as well. Again, we were fortunate not to have any severe water damage but some of our neighbors were not so lucky. I am NOT complaining as I have seen what happened in Nevada and how many people incurred devastating damages.

Most importantly I am writing this post because yesterday my DH went to Sausalito where our boat is docked to make sure she was okay. Well, the San Francisco bay had 100 mph winds and our sail boat cover was torn to shreds. Other boats had the same damages...I was upset as the cost to repair is not in our budget now and the boat has not only a monetary value but she is my DH's second love, MOI being his first:) As I was complaining about the cost to repair, oh what shall we do, DH was quiet on the other end of the phone and I could not figure out why other than he was sad because of the boat's loss........duh....sometimes I am so selfish I could kick myself. Lucky for me my foot can't reach my rear end! I asked him, why so down and out. We will figure a way to fix this. He said he had just learned that our dock neighbor, a professional diver, went out the day of the storm to aid someone in need and did not have his wet suit on, was tossed in the water due to the high swells and, well...he did not survive his brave attempt:(

So, I have made myself a promise again, I make this promise every so often and I loose perspective, so AGAIN, my promise is to never take the loss of anything monetary that serious again!!! This young man lost his life in his endeavor to come to the aid of another, THAT IS WHAT I CALL LOSS! Too sad to say much more other than thank you all in blogland for giving me this format to vent. I am grateful for that more than you know.
Take care, don't fret about the small stuff and remember, HUG LIFE......Marylou:(

Friday, January 04, 2008


Friendship GraphicsDear Mary,

Please remember what I told you about Spring, it will be here before we know it:-) You can see us here planting together. We do that you see, you and I. Oh, maybe not in person since we live so far apart geographically, but in our hearts. You send me an email filled with seeds that in turn are filled with love. I accept those seeds and plant them here in my heart ^-^ and a true friendship begins to take root and grow!! I have so many blossoms from you dear friend that my bouquet is full so I would like to return the favor and send you a few of those dear seeds!! May they grow in your heart as they have in mine and may they occupy every vessel in your home and in your spirit. Take care my dear friend and KNOW how many of us are praying for you! Mary, it shall soon be Spring and we shall reap the harvest of our difficult winter...take care.
Hug Life, Marylou