Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~My World is Upside Down~

Ever feel like this???? I have and I do!!
I have been busy and I must confess that all I have been doing is "foolin' around"....:) But ya know what? I think that sometimes in life WE all need to simply have fun. Now, don't misconstrue my message here.... I have not had the pleasure of a Hawaiian vacation, or a trip to Italy so don't get all jazzed. I have just been "goofin' off".....I am not even sure I can explain it. Suffice it to say I have dust bunnies hiding, laundry piling and bills stacking as high as the redwoods.......BUT......in all this confusion I have been able to delude myself and rationalize to DH that everything is under control....LMAO;) Hey, life is short and sometimes ya just gotta stop and smell the roses;) As my friend Amy would say, YIPPY SKIPPY!!
Hug Life, Marylou


carole said...

Hi Girlfriend:
I feel ya!!!
My total existence is upside down : (
Yet, I am well and looking towards the future : )
My computer is here (received it last week) and cannot hook it up due to technicalities where I am staying : (
So, I am working (still on call) yet do not have enough to move into my own place yet.
HAPPY HEARTS to you Mary Lou and your sister too!!!
Love & Peace

ellen said...

Sometimes we're up and forging ahead, but perhaps with grim determination. I think, for whatever it's worth, that being upside down is a.o.k. It may not be a place to be at all times, but it is A PLACE and we need all places and spaces in our life.
Being human means embracing all of the places we can go and all of the spaces we may inhabit.
I wish you Joy and comfort!!

IsabellaCloset said...

Marylou, Yep we all need to have some fun in our lives! Do whatever makes you smile.. there is just to much sadness in this world.
Just wanted to say hello and that I love ya!
Take care and have a fun day ~Mary~

ellen said...

o.k. here I am...again...get back on that horse my SPECIAL friend..because,just because, and because I want you to and I miss you!And I am sending special love and hugs your way...and Spring is coming..dammit.

The Urban Chic said...

MaryLou, how did you get that picture of me-lol. I too feel like my life is hanging upside down, but I know things will be good once the blood reaches my head. Hope you feel like posting soon. You can't get back what you miss, so smell all those roses. Love and Hugs, Pat