Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Words in flowers........

I went out front today and took this picture of my violas;) Many of my annuals are so confused by the unusual weather that they are not blooming as well as in the past;( My DH decided they needed a boost so he chose to fertilize and give them B 12 at the same time........let me tell ya, this is NOT something you ever want to do. There CAN be TOO much of a good thing. Many of my plants are now in "flower heaven"........ahhhh, but do you think he listened to me when I advised him NOT to do this? Do you think he adhered to my sweet advice? Do ya think the man has EARS???
Argggggggggg, I tell ya, good thing I think he is cute and when he smiles he has these 2 dimples or I would be writing this blog from the state penitentiary for "Accidental Homicide" caused by a garden hoe;)
Happy Sunday
Embrace Flowers, Marylou ^-^


carole said...

Hi Marylou : )
How are you? You sound good!!!
I have thought of you often. Do I have stories to tell you : )
I am looking for a little house in the San Bernardino area (cheaper rent) and I am working part time so I will have time to start sewing and creating again. It is my wellness point : )
E-mail me when you are not gardening : )
love & Peace
Hooter : )

The Urban Chic said...

MaryLou, love the violas and your story is touching.You sound like things are a bit better and I'm glad to see you posting. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs, Pat

IsabellaCloset said...

Hi MaryLou, Hope all is well with you and that you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs ~Mary~ :-}

Anonymous said...

Hi Marylou:
I pray you are well and feeling good with the nice weather of late.
I think of you; I am taking art workshops; today was my 3rd one : ) I figure I will be 60 in a few months I might as well learn some things : )
I have a new blog: http://a-bohemian-market.typepad.com. Please come see me and say hi; okay?
Peace & love

The Urban Chic said...

Hi MaryLou, I hope that you are feeling better with the New Year. I think of you daily and hope we see you back soon. Hugs, Pat

didi said...
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