Monday, September 10, 2007


Seems like I have not blogged for a long time..well, it has been awhile. I am preparing for a trip I shall be making:) I am so jazzed...I will be leaving on Sept. 18th to visit my sister, Giovanna, who lives in Arizona. I have not seen her since last November so this will truly be a wonderful and much deserved visit for us both!! My DH will be holding down the fort here and I get to spend 10 delightful days with my best friend, pal, buddy, confidante, sister and all around most amazing gal I have ever known. Now, I am not just saying that because she is my sister:) Really, every life she has touched has been "blessed" by her loyalty, kindness and friendship. She has been a rock for me, a stabilizer and fabulous support thru my life and continues to hold me up when I sometimes fall. BUT..most importantly we shall be together for 10 glorious days which will include girl talk, laughing, reminiscing of "old times" and simply having a grand visit.

So, if ya don't hear from me for awhile please know I shall return with pics and hopefully fun stories:) Thanks for the nice emails asking about my is nice to know you all care. I LOVE this blogland community:)
Ciao girls and please, don't forget to...........HUG LIFE........Marylou

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carole said...

Oh Marylou:
I am glad you will have a great 10 days with your sister!!!
It seems like forever since I heard from you and it has been. Take care; eat, drink, laugh, talk and be HAPPY with your sister!!!