Saturday, September 01, 2007


I am a overtime widow this week-end:( DH has been mandated to work on a project that must be completed by Labor Day so the house is still..quiet & serene:) Just me and my kitty, Sassy girl!! I have some lovely angelic music playing, I am sipping a delish Arnold Palmer (iced tea & lemonade) and I am truly enjoying the solitude. So, I have been totally checking out blogs:-) WOOHOO....there are so many beautiful blogs and talented ladies out there! I noticed many of you sweet gals love sea shells and ocean themes as I do so I took 2 pics for ya. One is of my seaglass I collect. The other is of pebbles and stones I have "borrowed" from the sea:) This is truly a tiny glimpse as I think my small cottage has more sea glass, sea shells and sea themed items than one petite bungalow can hold......but.......I love it as does DH...all I need now is the water around me and I would then be in sea heaven:-) Happy Labor Day to everyone, wishing you all a safe and fun holiday.........and ya know what I gotta say...yep, don't forget to HUG LIFE
Peace, Marylou
ps..Just a footnote, DH & I always take colored bottles with us on our beach jaunts and replace and restore the ocean. Makes us feel like we are giving back, not simply taking:-)


carole said...

I think you were a Mermaid in your other life!!!
DH was a handsome sailor lured by you : )

ellen said...

The song of the Sirens...hope your weekend was all that you desired.

Lallee said...

Your collection of sea glass is so pretty with all the colors. I like your idea of replacing the glass.

I love home alone times every now and then.

There is an adorable metal squirrel in a catalog I received this past I thought of you when I saw it.

carole said...

Lou Lou~
How many weekends are you being a widow : )
Where are you?
Come home and play

IsabellaCloset said...

Marylou, I love sea glass.. I wondered if much comes up on shore with all the plastic use these day..
Hope you are doing OK.
Your sister is still in my prayers.
Have a good week end.
Hugs & Love~Mary~ :-}