Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have re-read my last post a few times and I believe I have made a HUGE mistake!! I have been complaining about the actions of others and insinuating that their bad behavior has given Christmas a surly message. WRONG!! This would only be true if I ALLOWED this to happen. CHRISTmas is a "moment in time" to celebrate the most amazing "moment in time" for all Christians, and if I am to profess to Christianity than I must behave in a Christian fashion!! I do not have the right to judge nor should I. I do not have the right to complain, nor should I. I do not have the right to decide what is right for others, nor should I. With that made clear I SIMPLY WANT TO WISH EVERYONE A VERY, MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope and pray that we will someday not worry about anger, resentments, wars, poverty, sickness and the more frivolous things I previoulsy mentioned....... gifts, traffic and personality flaws....but until that day I shall THANK GOD for ALL the goodness in our world we so often forget to acknowledge.

There is such beauty around us from our glorious & abundant mountain ranges to our capacious azure oceans...There is such beauty around us including kind & loving people of all races and creeds...There is such beauty around us as there are those that give of themselves to offer help to those in need and to those wonderful peeps I say AMEN and THANK YOU. May this season find you all healthy, prosperous and loved.......... and may I remember all of the above:-)
HUG LIFE, Marylou


Mrs. G. said...

I got this same message from the other worries.

And, again, Merry Christmas. May the new year bring you peace, happiness and health.

Donetta said...

You would love this post.
I thought of you when I saw it