Thursday, December 06, 2007


Well, a few things have changed from my last post:) The kids are now adults and living on their own, decorating their own homes! Whoa.....again, not sure where the time went but the train certainly left the depot and I was not aboard:( So, this is my tree for 2007....smaller and I noticed the ornaments have slightly changed. I used to have the most precious ornies ever, made by the kids. Usually a round ball with their name in glitter, a home made critter made from walnut shells and the obligatory but fun school picture framed with popcicle sticks:-) I have saved them all and may package them in a neat box with a ribbon as a Christmas gift, one for Tony and one for Francesca. They can add them to their trees and share with their children who I hope will be conceived during my lifetime!!!!!!! (big grin here) I took some pics so you can now see more boating thingys (DH loves sailing) and I notice more squirrels ^-^. My Nativity Set is smaller in size but not in faith!!! Of all that has grown, the most precious to me is my faith. Each day I come closer to our Lord and I am so grateful for that:) Enjoy a fews pics of my Nativity, my sailor's fave ornies and my squirrels. Nothing fancy but all showing our loves, our faith and our hopes and dreams. AND our gratitude for each day God gives us:) May you all have your own hopes and dreams and may you all have a stong faith, no matter the religion, just be sure you have a higher being you can trust and pray to, that is all it takes:)
Hug Life, Marylou


carole said...

Hi Marylou:
Babies ahve grown up : ( I like what you are going to do with the kid's ornies so they can carry on the tradition!!! You are a caring/charing human being!!!
I have to tell the truth my fav is the owl and squirrel : ) I made mine into a key chain for my new little hosue once I get to Ok : )
Peace & Love

Mrs. G. said...

I like your little empty nested tree! I know it's not the same without the popcicle stick and elbow macaroni ornaments, but those grandchildren will come. I love the idea of passing the sentiment on to your children. My own mom did this for me many years ago, and I look forward to doing the same in the not too distant (sob) future. I love that little bird ornament--is that a cardinal?

Your post has put me in the spirit.

Lallee said...

Cudos to hubby for getting the nativity out for you ;-) It looks so special.

Every year I change what I want on my tree from my assortment of ornaments. Last year I loaded it with everything, even the children's homemade ones and my oldest is 35. They enjoyed seeing them again. My tree is yet to be decorated and I am thinking at this point more will be better. I love seeing your ornaments--you have a beautiful collection.


IsabellaCloset said...

Marylou, I'm in tears thinking of the precious gift of ornaments your children may receive from you this year. What a very touching thing to do for Tony and Francesa. How lucky they are to have such a wonderful and thoughtful Mother!
I too remember the days of my Christmas tree being filled with my childrens handmade ornaments.. how I miss those days.
I wish you and your family the most blessed Christmas ever.
Hugs & love ~Mary~

ellen said...

There are loads of memories in those little ornaments, aren't they? What a great gift for your children.

Donetta said...

Merry Christmas to you ..a squirrel... I hope that your days are full of ...squirrels:)

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