Sunday, June 17, 2007


Another one of those days for me to miss the ones I dad has since passed and I wear a heavy heart today. I miss his laugh, his wisdom, his knowledge, his guidance!! I MISS HIM! I know I shall meet up with him again someday but I have many moments here on earth where I could certainly use his fortitude, insight and strength. I am very "BLESSED" as I have an older sister who I can turn to in dire times and she is ALWAYS there for me:) She reminds me of my dad so very much. She has his wit and dry sense of humor, his leadership, his courage and his discernment. So, with that said maybe my dad has not left this he is working thru his eldest child, my sister. How fortunate I am to have this wonderful woman in my life and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her humanity and gentleness in a not so gentle world. I shall wish G a Happy Father's day because she is such a reflection of our DAD! God Bless you G, forever and always. I LOVE U:) Peace, Marylou


IsabellasCloset said...

Hi Marylou, Sorry that you too miss your Father today. I so understand. Sounds like you have a great sister to lean on.
I think you are one of the dearest Gals on these blogs (& eBay too). You truly are such a sweetheart and you care so much about others! Bless you for that. Your new Hubby is blessed to have you..
I just got off the phome with Amy (FourSistersInACottage) she is doing great.. I wish I had both you and Amys positive out look on life. What great Gals you both are!!!
I hope you a lovely day. Thanks for stopping by my blog again.. ((((Marylou)))) here is a big cyber hug to you ~Mary~ :-}

ellen said...

Marylou, I wrote something about my father yesterday on my blog too. I lost him when I was about 28, and that is a very long time ago.
I don't know you, but I know that you carry those wonderful qualities in you that your daddy had, as does your sister. We always need our parents, don't we?
I'm not trying to be irreverent here, but the song that came to mind about you when you were born that your Daddy might have sung, was Hello Marylou, goodbye heart...Sweet Marylou I'm so in love with you.I bet he said that in some form or another when you were born. I bet he said, We'll never part. We are blessed to have had the daddy that we had and I'll bet that you'll find a lot of him in you.

ellen said...

Thanks so for your comment and for stopping by. I truly appreciate it. We do miss our fathers...but they are with us, each and every day!