Wednesday, June 27, 2007


After much anticipation my son's wedding day is approaching...this Saturday, June 30th:) We are leaving Friday for the wine country in Napa, CA where the nuptials will take place and we will be staying at a lovely hotel with many of the guests. It is in this hotel, The Meritage, where the ceremony and celebration will come to fruition. A new wine cave has just been built and this is where all the festivies will occur...It is truly "dreamy"...:) Seems like much is planned to entertain us all...Friday is GOLF day and many of the guests, as well as the groom shall be teeing off at 8:00 am...the second group will do the same at 12:00 noon...the rehearsal will be at 5:00 pm and the rehearsal dinner at 6:30 pm hosted by the groom's parents,that's us:)....after the dinner the ladies are invited to the bride's suite for a fun "sexy" gifts only party:) That should be LOTS OF LAUGHS:):) Saturday morning the bride's parents are hosting breakfast around the pool and after that there shall be games of choice...I hear the gentlemen are playing poker and the ladies shall have their choice of board games, shuffle board or simply reclining by the pool in the sunshine:) This shall occur with non-alcoholic beverages only being served as the wedding will start promptly at 6:00 pm and we certainly do not want any mishaps:-).....after the ceremony, which will have 250 lit candles..Awwwwwwwwww.... we shall be seated for a fabulous dinner while a slide show of the just married couple's (baby thru teen years) pictures are being shown:) That will be soooooo hysterical as I included one of my son at age 5 dressed up for Halloween like "Dolly Parton" (HUGE SMILE HERE) Luckily he does not know yet:) After dinner there shall be cake cutting and dancing and most likely much love & celebration for all!! The Mother of the Groom, Moi, and said son, Anthony will dance together to "It's a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong:) YIPPEE...WOOHOO...I LOVE THAT SONG AND TO DANCE WITH MY SON WHILE IT IS PLAYING IS A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME:) I am sure we all shall dance late into the evening. We shall retire to our respective suites and Sunday morning another poolside breakfast is being held. You have no idea how MANY outfits I had to purchase but a girl has to to what a girl has to do:) YABA DABA DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! The married couple will be able to join us as their honeymoon will be in, gosh, I am tired already simply talking about all the activities and we have not even started:) Now, with that said I shall leave you with a pic of the soon to be bride and groom and promise to post weddings pics asap.....

I am so Hugging Life right now.....God is so GOOD:)

Peace, Marylou


Anonymous said...

Wishing you all a delightful event:) I am trying to "Hug Life" too:)

ellen said...

This wedding is going to be spectacular! I can just imagine how excited you are and I don't blame you. Best wishes to the couple for a blessed life!
Thanks as always for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think you may mean that we are both a couple of NUTS.
Have a WONDERFUL time!