Thursday, July 19, 2007


Just stopping in after having a bite for dinner:-) YEP..My name is Marylou and I LOVE SQUIRRELS...I have been to SA, Squirrel Anonymous to no avail. I collect porcelain squirrels & have a sweet shelf in the hallway where my vintage rodents are proudly displayed:) I also regularly feed the fellas & gals in my backyard. I buy that cute corn on the cob which has a holder that attaches to my trees for them..... and always have their NUT HOUSE filled to the brim:-) If ya can't beat em might as well join em!!! The male tree squirrel takes twice as long, as the female, to groom itself. They are the cleanest animal in the rodent family. I just love that fact as sometimes my DH takes longer than I in the powder room:-) They also have a brain equated to the size of a walnut, interesting analogy, don't ya think:-) I am NOT making this stuff up, I googled it!!

Anyhoo...just thought I would share my love of the rodentia species with ya. Wishing you all a great evenin', gotta go check the back forty and make sure my friends are all happy:-)
Hug Life,
Peace, Marylou


carole said...

I love them too. I use to take red apples to the VA hospital in Westwood and quarter them and the little squirrels would love the apples and walnuts and almonds; unsalted of course.
They can be quite charming : )

IsabellasCloset said...

Hi Marylou, I too love squirrels! I have a HUGE oak tree in my back yard. I get all kinds of squirrels, all colors too. Black, redish brown, gray & a funny brownish & white. The black ones seem to be a bit mean. They love to take the acorns and eat them on my deck.. I see the remains of a neat little piles of shells on the rails each day. They also come up & peek in my bedroom cute they are..
OK darling now can I please have your birthday to add next to your name on my blog?? Have a lovely day :-} ~Mary~

ellen said...

Hi there, you nut! Thanks for visiting me. It made my morning.
I love squirrels too, though we just don't seem to have any here. Sometimes, on rare occasions, I can spot a chipmunk, but not often. I love their little hands!
Being a g'parent is great, but I truly don't spoil them with candy and stuff like that. My son would not be a happy camper. My kids didn't have candy or stuff around either. Poor boys, they had a deprived childhood!
Would you be comfortable emailing me your snail mail address? I have something that wants to come and live at your house.(and no, dang it, it's not my designer can't have that!) Have a great weekend and for heaven's sake try, just this once, to stay out of trouble. e.

Flea Market Queen said...

Squirrels...I don't have many where I live but they are fun to watch!

ellen said...

Marylou...just heard a disturbing thing on NPR, the little of that program that I get out here in the Boonies. You need to Google Secret Squirrels..they are doing disturbing things with those little creatures that we treasure. Check it out when you have time. e. (we need to launch a counter attack)