Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Remember that famous line from "The Wizard of Oz"...."there is no place like home".........Well, I am so feeling that! Mind you, the wedding was a BEAUTIFUL fairytale, the bride resembled Cinderella and the groom a look-a-like Prince Charming....and some of the guests reminded me of those little fellas, the munchkins, or maybe those lolipop kids??? I digress.......everything was wonderful but it was a long celebration. So many parties... and I do believe some parties were parties to celebrate other parties??? Upon reflecting upon this I have come to the conclusion that I am simply getting older...(ouch).... and the "parties" are becoming harder for me to enjoy as I crawl out of bed at 6:00 in the morning, hair askew, drool on my pillow, to only ask my hubby..."where do we have to be today and at what time???" WOW...what a pretty picture I must have been, poor hubby:(

I am only kidding cause that is what I do...some call it sarcastic conversation but I rather like to think of it as "the truth"......(big smile here) The truth is the wedding was truly wonderful with much love, jubilance & regalement embracing the ballroom!!!!! A day I shall remember for a lifetime as I gazed upon the pride and joy on my son's handsome face!!

I am off today to board a sail boat that shall take me out to the middle of the San Francisco Bay to anchor and wait for dusk so we can look at sparkling thingies up in the, not the stars....fireworks. Why do I put myself in these positions???? Cause the word NO is not in my vocabulary...ask my sis, Giovanna......I know she is smiling upon reading this, if she is reading this:) I have not gotten to the wedding pics yet, a well known procrastinator I can simply explain I had to prepare for this boat venture and the sparkling thingies in the sky:):) I shall post the photos asap:) Just had to keep ya all posted and in the loop. I do want to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July and please say a prayer for me as I twist my neck and contort my body to glance at fireworks that took me 12 hours to prepare for and may last a total of 5 minutes:) AHHHHHH....the pleasures of life and pomp and circumstance! Peace to all and Hug Life.....Marylou

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ellen said...

Best of luck on the sail boat. Actually, it sounds wonderful, except I would probably be throwing up sparklers of my own design...and who would want to look at those?
It will be good to get back it ever so humble....
p.s. I hope it's cooler there than it is here at the moment!