Monday, August 13, 2007


After I completed by blog yesterday I knew it was missing something......of course, my DAD!!!
Affectionately know to me as "Pop" he is missed as much as my mom. He too always had words of wisdom to which I turned a deaf ear...yeah, like I knew anything!!! Had I listened to him more often my life would have been an easier ride! I miss you both so very much and........ you both are always in my heart with your footprints embedded in my soul!
Love you POP!!!!
Your daughter,


Laurie said...

I love the pictures of your parents. I am a lover old photos.
Thanks for you kind message on my blog. I had no idea anyone else was reading my blog! lol!

ellen said...

What a lovely couple..I see where you get your good looks.
Thanks for stopping by...I am gently decomposing into the night..zzzzzzz My best to you as always and some exes an o's as usual..e.

carole said...

How handsome your Dad is!!! You too are beautiful and I can see the genes you inherited from your Dad & Mom struck a perfect note within you!!!
Take care

ellen said...

Hey there Friend...thanks for your thoughts and hugs. e.

IsabellaCloset said...

Marylou, You father is so very handsome! I'm crazy about old photos too.. Now do you happen to have an old photo of your Mother & Father together?
I'm sure he too is watching down over you too.. And maybe he and my Father are hanging out up there together LOL.... Take care ~Mary~ :-}

Simply Me Art said...

Those are Amazing Photos. How Lucky you are to have them and be able to pass on. What Beautiful Posts for your Parents. Thank you for sharing with us. Jamie