Sunday, August 12, 2007


I was thinking of my mom today and how much I MISS her!!! So this post is for her. I know she is in heaven with my dad but I am hoping she takes a peek now and then to make sure I am not in too much trouble:) Mom, I love you and I miss you!! were everything you told me. Just wanted to say that because you deserve to hear it:)
Always with love,
your daughter, Me


IsabellaCloset said...

Marylou, What a very beautiful post!! Tears are streaming down my face this second as I try and type. I'm sure your Mother is smiling down on you and is so pleased with what you had to say to her. What a gorgeous photo! I miss my Mother too. Hope your Mother and mine ran into each other up there and are friends just like we are! Hope you have a lovely day ~Mary~ :-}

ellen said...

We always need our mothers, don't we? I miss mine too. Your mom looks so beautiful.

carole said...

What a lovely/beautiful photograph of your Mom!!!
Of, course she is looking down checking on you : ) Shaking her head and smiling.
I am sure the "nut" did not fall far from the tree and she too was a Happy person
Your friend

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