Friday, August 10, 2007


My daughter and her friend, the doctor (BIG SMILE HERE) came by yesterday to take me out to lunch to my fave restaurant in town. We had a FANTABULOUS lunch with delish food, a wonderful ambiance, & great conversation. As we sat outside on a beautiful CA sunshiny day we chatted a good 2 hours away:) We left and as we arrived to the car Dr. Dave noticed he had forgotten his digi camera on the table. He returned, which maybe took 10 minutes, and when he arrived back at the restaurant he was told they did NOT SEE THE CAMERA ...DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG A DIGITAL CAMERA WITH A CASE IS?? It is NOT a small item that one would accidentally throw away or NOT see...we are SURE someone decided they needed one and decided to abscond Dr. Dave's...the owner/manager of the restaurant was RUDE...BLANTANTLY RUDE!!!! We filed a police report but doubt anything shall be done. SO........$750.00 for lunch is rather pricey and..... I feel so bad for Dr. D AND I SHALL NEVER, EVER, EVER RETURN TO THAT RESTAURANT AGAIN...I SHALL ALSO ADVISE MY FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME.....EGAD, SOMETIMES PEOPLE DISAPPOINT ME:(


ellen said...

Where did you "borrow" that picture from? (tee hee)
I am sorry about the camera..and I'll tell you about why I never have gone back to a certain eating establishment one of these days.

IsabellaCloset said...

Marylou, So sorry to hear about Dr. Dave's camera.. But what a fun photo! I LOVE IT!!!LOL.... ~Mary~

carole said...

It is sad when one has an experience like that!!!
Darn it anyway. Too bad Mr. Squirrel was not there snappin away with his camera so you would have the perpetrator on film : (
I am saddened!!!
Tell Dr. D we are all on his side sending him our well wishes.
Yo fiend

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Thank you so much for coming and visiting my blog and for your SWEET comment! I really appreciate it!

I have really enjoyed visiting your blog and will definitely be back!


jessi nagy said...

that pic rocks! too funny. sorry bout the camers1
Jessi Nagy

didi said...