Wednesday, August 08, 2007


OH YEAH....I am totally out of the loop today!! Been flittin' round all mornin' and still nothing is done! Wish I could figure out what it is I flit??? Starts like this...I pick up my cup of coffee and take it to the sink...there I see my glasses so I grab em and walk to my bedroom to set them on my nightstand...there I see my latest novel and think....hmmmmm...I could read just ONE chapter:).......then I go to sit in my big comfy chair and see DUST on the side I go back to the kitchen to get a dust cloth where I see the chocolate cake on the counter and........ without batting an eye I cut a piece for MOI and pour MOI a glass of milk....I then come by the computer and think I had better tell someone about my "oh so productive" day:-) So, here I am, flittin' around:-)
Now, don't flit.......go make it a CONSTRUCTIVE DAY:-)
Hug Life
Peace, Marylou


Sharon Kay said...

I found you through other friends blogs and though I would visit. I love the picture and your post and I think we all have a day like you had now and then........

Anonymous said...

Hi Marylou, thanks for stopping by my blog.
I don't think you're alone in flitting, I flit daily, and I even have to leave notes to myself about what I'm going to be flitting about next....only to find that I'm flitting around looking for the note I left myself. Wheeeew, it's a rough life, but some of us have to do it right??
Have a Great Week,

carole said...

I think I will have to give Mary a "Hoot" and explain to her that "Squirrels" tend to flit around : )
Just learn to balance the coffee cup, the book after you put your glasses on and just blow the dust "bunnies" further away so : ) then pour the milk, after you have cut the cake and sit at the computer with the book open (I do this : ) and start fabricating : ) What happened to the dust cloth : ) I am "hooting" out loud. I like my new name, can you tell?
Take care
Your friend
Hoot : )
You remember me, carole : )

ellen said...

Hi, Dearie...Flitting is A.O.K I think we all flit. Life for me is just one Flit to another. Clean a book, yes...get rid of some magazines...yes, but first I have to reread them, on to something else, which never gets finished. Jeeze!
Let's gather our nuts while we may, go into the trees , feather our nest and curl up into a ball and all be Squirrels.
xoxo e.