Wednesday, August 15, 2007


OH MY GOSH...........isn't she pretty?? Yep, that is my mom:) She was voted Cherry Queen of her small town when she was but 16 years old...maybe 18, sorry I don't remember. Better check with my sis G:-) Anyhoo...I am just delighted to have these fun pics to share. I am so PROUD of her, not only was she rather pretty but she was very smart. Funny, we don't think our parents are smart until we get older and then they become geniuses:-) Thanks for trippin' down memory lane with me.
Hug Life, Marylou


carole said...

Hi Marylou:
I can see how you became the beautiful woman you are with a Mom (Yeah for the Cherry Queen) and you handsome Dad!!!
What a splendid photo cherish!!!
Your friend

Sharon Kay said...

What a beautiful mother and a picture to cherish and memories of a very special Cherry Queen. I have many old family pictures and they have special places in my home.

ellen said...

What a lovely lady and what special memories!

ellen said... worked! Thanks for the love.

Lallee said...

I am so far behind on comments! Mary Lou, your mom is just so pretty. Of course you were proud of her. I lover her hair-do. If I had curls I would love mine just like that. Your dad was a handsome man, too. Very nice tributes of them ;-)

I am so sorry about your friend's camera. Rudeness on top of the loss certainly wasn't called for. I won't ever go to that restaurant either!!

KJ said...

Your mother was a beauty! And, I agree with Hooter that you followed the recipe!

My Mom is still very pretty. When I was a girl, I always loved people seeing my Mom because she was gorgeous. She looked like a movie start to me!